helping grieving women move through the darkness to a place of hope, where they can start living again.

Whether you’re looking for support in coping with grief, spiritual guidance in your life when you are feeling stuck, or assistance in creating your soul-led business, I’m here to help.


What I Offer

Grief Support

Suffering loss and grieving can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. I understand the unique challenges that come with navigating grief and am here to provide support and guidance as you adjust to a different way of life.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Are you feeling stuck? Sometimes we all need a guide in life. Someone to hold our hand, show us the way, hear our fears and our dreams, keep us accountable and make the impossible feel possible. 

Intuitive Business Mentoring

I use my intuitive abilities and 30 years of business experience to help you create & grow your soul-led business. Offering guidance and support in areas such as business identity, brand, strategy, and offerings WITHOUT your ideas becoming a tangled mess, imposter syndrome kicking in or tech tripping you up.

Finding Hope and Comfort During the Holidays: Coping with Grief at Christmas

The holidays can be a difficult and trying time for many, especially if you are dealing with grief. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a breakup, or a difficult situation, grief can be particularly overwhelming during the festive season. Here, are some suggestions...

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