Intuitive Business Mentoring


As an intuitive mentor and business coach, I help you birth your mission to support others.

Bringing to life the whisperings of your soul which began when you’d risen from the ashes after your world imploded. 

Get clear and get things done.

With me by your side, we can make your calling a reality by creating your business identity, brand, strategy, and offerings WITHOUT your ideas becoming a tangled mess, imposter syndrome kicking in or tech tripping you up.

Your world cracked open and you were drawn to walk a different path.

You have chosen to align with your soul’s purpose and transform darkness into light. You have a vision and gifts which are uniquely yours; gifts that are already making a real difference in people’s lives.

But you know you can do more.

Reach more people.

Experience more abundance. 

You’re not interested in hustling for 10k months, you started your business because you listened to the whispering of your soul… the call to help others.

The reality is sometimes a nightmare. 

Right now, you are trying to do ALL the things on your own which feels worse when you hear another 7 figure business coach tell you about MORE things you SHOULD be doing.  

You’ve had enough.

You can’t afford to outsource or spend thousands on marketing but you also can’t afford to keep going on like this. 

It’s breaking your finances, mindset and spirit. 

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. 

,My mission is to help Soul Led women build businesses that make the world a better place. 

For this to happen they need help with 

  • Business Identity
  • Branding
  • Strategy 
  • Offers 
  • Tech
  • Confidence

The first thing I do when working with a new client is to listen. I let them brain dump everything that is overwhelming them onto me. 

Guided by my intuition and informed by my 30 years of experience, I am then able to visualise and create a sustainable business strategy for them that allows them to earn regular and consistent income using their gifts. 

I want them to know they are not alone, I am here to hold their hand as they courageously step out of the shadows and shine their light. The ‘One Size Fits All Blueprint’ system just doesn’t work – with my approach the solution is as unique as they are. Together we create a process that works for them because feeling overwhelmed is not a good place to be, it is much easier to hide than step out of your comfort zone, I know – I’ve been there!

I’m here to give you the freedom to share your gifts with the world and be seen in the online space without feeling stifled by decision fatigue, confusion, imposter syndrome & tech –  Since 2008, I have been helping women make their vision a reality with my programmes, training and 121 support, I can make it a reality for you too!

Together we can achieve great things – Changing the world for the better one soul at a time!

Sharon x

Let’s have a chat over a virtual coffee – I’ll pop the kettle on!

What Clients Say

"Thank you Sharon - You have made the transition of moving to the on-line space an enjoyable one. I felt so overwhelmed with just the thought of doing the tech but as soon as I started working with you, you put my mind at ease, broke everything down into bitesize chunks so I could understand and follow the process! I cant thank you enough for all the help you have given me.

Yvonne Michele – International Speaker, Coach, Radio Presenter & Author

"My business wouldn't be online if it wasn't for your support, your own self belief and your vision too!! Thank you"

Jojo Bailey – Transformational Coach, Sober Mindset Mentor & Author

"I have had a crippling limiting belief around tech for so long and it hindered my visibility. Right before my eyes and with Sharon's unwavering support and easy to understand 'techsplanations' my confidence grew week on week. I cant tell you how overjoyed I was when my personal FB profile became a true reflection of me, my business & my passion. If you feel you lack digital presence and know-how is holding you back, get in touch with Sharon - Best investment on my business to date!"

Elaine Grace – Womens Empowerment Coach

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