Spiritual Life Coaching & Mentoring


Sometimes we all need a guide in life. Someone to hold our hand, show us the way, hear our fears and our dreams, keep us accountable and make the impossible feel possible. 

I have had many guides in my own life, I still do. Both from this physical realm and from the spiritual space. Following these guides and giving myself permission to lean into my gifts have led me to here and now; working as a life mentor to women seeking a deeper connection with their spiritual side, helping them explore their beliefs and find a sense of peace and purpose.

I can be your mentor and make this your reality too.  

What does it involve

What would our mentoring sessions look like?

Every mentor relationship I have is different, there is no set process where I make my mentees jump through hoops or copy exactly what I did. 

I start by listening, understanding where my mentees are but also crucially where they want to be. 

Then by tapping into my own inner guidance and gifts, I hold your hand and take you through a transformation that will set you alight. 

Imagine waking up feeling aligned, energised and excited by life. 

Imagine feeling completely loved, accepted and supported by someone who has walked your path and is there to help you navigate it your way. 

Imagine not feeling afraid.

Are  you ready for this? 

Work with me

What is the investment?

I can work in person (if you are in sunny Suffolk it would be lovely to see you face to face), or on zoom. 

As much as I love the energy of seeing people in real life, working online doesn’t stop the magic, I work with incredible women all over the world with mind blowing results. 

The sessions are led by you. 

We work on what you need to focus on. 

We follow our intuition. We allow the next steps to unfold. We listen to each other and our guides. 

There is no cookie cutter approach. No 10 step program to create your success story. 

Yes, as a mentor I will tell you what you need to do to move forward but my advice doesn’t come from a template, it comes from years living this life, making my own transformations and trusting the universe’s nudges. 

It comes from me getting to know you and understanding what you want from your life so I can give tailored support to help you achieve just that. 

No more settling for less than your soul deserves. 

Just like the mentoring itself, the way you invest is also flexible to meet your needs. 

You can purchase a stand alone hour if you have a specific problem or goal you want to achieve. 

However, if you know you want to have me in your corner, to be your right hand woman, holding your hand when you need it, you can invest in a block of 10 sessions that can be taken when you need them.

This saves you money and allows me to keep you on track to your desires. 

Power Hour

For Spiritual Life Coaching & Intuitive Business Mentoring.

An affordable, quick and compassionate way to finally move forward.

Block Of 5 Power Hours

Have me in your corner, to be your right hand woman, holding your hand when you need it.

Invest in a block of 5 sessions at a discounted rate that can be taken when you need them.

If you are unsure what you need, why not book a 20 minute free virtual coffee. We can talk through what you are struggling with right now and I will recommend the best way I can help you. 


Let’s have a chat over a Virtual Coffee…

I’ll pop the kettle on!